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Goal Setting and Savings

Everyone has a goal, a dream, something they want to achieve in the nearest future. Saving can be the bridge between your goal and its actualization. Most people want to save but find it very difficult, saving is easier when you have a goal in mind. It keeps you motivated and helps you to stay on track.

So what's your goal, what is your dream? To buy a property, car or build up a deposit to start a new business portfolio? To save for a vacation abroad, a wedding or for your child's education? Or maybe you would just like to save up for a 'rainy day', some sort of emergency fund.

Whatever your goal is, it's important to keep it firmly in your mind and believe that all your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.

We at Page are committed to helping you do this. You can open a Page Target Savings for each of your goals (up to 5 separate accounts)! You can also name each account so you know what the money is being saved for. For example, if you are saving for a car and also need to start a project, you can open two Page Target sub-accounts. Nickname one 'Dream Car: Range Rover sport' and the other 'Lekki Phase 1 Project' and start saving today!

Financial implication of your Goal.

There is an estimated figure to every dream, determine exactly how much is needed to actualize your dreams. If you are building a house, how much do you need for the foundation and to complete the house? If it's your children’s school fees, how much is it per term/per annum? When you have the figure then you can move on to set a time frame for it. Once you know what you need to save, then you'll need to determine how long you need to save for


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