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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a question? Below are answers to our Frequently Asked Questions and much more.

How much can I borrow?
Our minimum loan amount is N200, 000 and the upper limit for a new customer is N2, 000, 000, while for existing customers is up to N2, 500,000.00. Both depend on borrower’s capacity to repay assessed based on verifiable income level and other selection criteria.

Can I extend my loan tenor?
Yes, you can extend an existing facility loan tenor through a Top-up. As an existing customer, you can access a maximum tenor of 10 months (as an individual) and you can access a maximum of 12 months if you are under a group loan scheme.

What is a Top up?
A top up is returning/increasing the balances on an existing loan facility. The existing facility will be liquidated in order to process a new loan, as you cannot have two loans running simultaneously. The amount of money receivable (the difference between the New Principal and Unpaid Principal on the Existing Loan) will be communicated and disbursed into your account of choice.

Can I have more than one loan running at the same time?
You cannot have more than one loan at a time, but you can apply for a top up loan after three repayments on your existing loan.

Does Page Credit require a credit check?
Yes, your application is subject to a credit check before approval.

Do I need to come to the branch to apply for a loan as an existing customer?
No, your application can be made online via your page on our secure portal. After the application has been made, our mail runner would pick up your cheques from your office.

Do I have to be in paid employment to get your loans?
We have different loan packages to suit customers in paid employment and SMEs.

When my application has been moved to the next level, how will I know if it has been approved?
You receive a confirmatory text telling you the status of your loan within 3 hours.

How do I make repayments on my loan?
You can make repayments via three different channels depending on which is convenient.
NUBAN Cheques:Your cheques serve as a fall back plan for repayment and will be presented only in cases where we are unable to claim your repayment via DDM.
Online Payments: You can login onto your online profile page on our Secured Online Banking Platform and conveniently make your loan repayment. This payment is reconciled automatically without human interference and can easily be adopted as a primary form of repayment.
POS: You can also make payments using our Point of Sale machines in our office and collect the repayment due for the month in question.
Direct Debit Mandate (DDM): This is adopted as your primary form of repayment towards your existing facility and is set up as a part of your initial application process via your online profile.

When will the repayment be due?
On your salary pay day.

Can I pay down my outstanding loan before the end of the loan tenure?
Yes, you can pay down/liquidate your existing facility at any time.

My salary has been delayed and my account is not funded?
We will hold your cheque from being presented for 24 hours, during which we would implore you to keep us posted on the status of your account.

My employer has changed and so has my salary date, can my repayment date be changed?
Yes, your repayment date can be changed. To facilitate this change, please send via mail to withevidence of the change of employment.

When there is a case of double debit in the same month, what do I do?
Please send us an email at or call our Contact Centre on 016317243 and we will refund the second debit after due confirmation.

How do I retrieve my remaining cheques?
You can visit our office to retrieve your cheques after payment has been made or we can have your old cheques delivered in your office.

What are the hidden charges associated with this loan?
There are no hidden charges. No Management Fees.

Can I see a breakdown of my liquidation amount?
Please Login to your page on our Online Banking at to see your loan breakdown.

How do you compute the liquidation amount?
The liquidation amount consists of your outstanding principal, outstanding management fee and interest accrued to date of liquidation. You can check your liquidation amount at your convenience on your page via our secure online portal.

How long do I have to wait after repaying a loan in full before I can reapply for a new one?
You can reapply any time after your loan has been settled.

What is Online banking?
Online banking is a real time solution that enables you to access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who can use our Online banking?
Page account holders can access our Online-banking platform. Your Page All-In-One account gives you access to transact and access information on our Online Banking Platform.

How much does it cost to get on the Online Banking Platform?
Our Online Banking Platform is free.

What can a customer do with Online Banking?
All customers can check account balances, view account statements, view transaction history for various accounts. In addition, account holders may transfer funds and buy airtime.

What infrastructure has to be in place?
All you need is a Personal Computer, Tablets, Head-held Device or other device that is connected to the Internet.

How can I get the Online Banking service?
Please visit our secured website at https:// to login

How does it work?
Registered customers can follow this https:// to login. Thereafter, enter your login ID and password and proceed from there.

What are the benefits associated with using our Online Banking?
You can conclude transactions from one end to the other online. There is also the convenience of self-service 24hours every day.

How secure is our Online banking?
Our Online Banking is secured by the most up to date version of our security certificate that guarantees the top-notch security of data exchanged over our platform

Where can funds be transferred?
Funds can be transferred to all local banks in Nigeria.

I am a customer and I am not registered on the Page Online Banking, How do I register?
You can register on our website at, click on       online banking and choose subscribe to register.

What does DDM mean?
It is a convenient way of making your payment without having your cheque presented, for loan repayment or Target Savings contribution.

How does the DDM work?
The DDM is set up with your Debit MasterCard or Visa Card at the point of initiating a Loan or Target Savings Plan. Your account will be debited automatically on agreed date for payment.

What card can I use to set up my DDM?
For your loan repayment, please set up with your Debit MasterCard or Visa Card. For savings contribution, debit cards that come with your salary account would be preferable.

When does the DDM stop debiting my account?
The DDM terminates at the end of your loan/savings tenor.

What is the minimum amount I can save with Page?
The minimum amount is N10, 000.00

What is the minimum tenor?
The minimum tenor is 3 months and it extends as long as you want to save

If I have urgent cash needs, can I liquidate and get my funds?
Yes, however, there is a token charged on the accrued interest

How can I know my account balance?
Your account balance can be viewed through Page Online Banking

Can I roll over my savings into a Term Deposit Contract?
Your savings can definitely be rolled into a high yield Fixed Deposit for as long as 360 days. Please send an email to

What is the minimum amount I can fix with Page?
The minimum amount is N200, 000.00

What is the minimum tenor?
The minimum tenor is 60days

If I have urgent cash needs, can I liquidate and get my funds?
Yes, however, there is a token charged on the accrued interest

How can I get my interest?
Interest payments can be paid into your account of choice monthly, quarterly, annually or upon maturity

Can I get my interest upfront?
You can get your interest upfront with funds placed for a minimum tenor of 90days

What are Orange Rewards?
Orange Rewards are loyalty points which accrues with time and can be converted into cash for your use.