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Business Banking


Page Business Banking Scheme(BBS)

Designed for every employed person irrespective of how much they earn.

The Business Banking Scheme offers a number of benefits to organizations and its  employees. Below is the summary of the product benefits:



§ Access to Working Capital Finance

§ Convenient access to 24 hours banking

§ Attractive rates on Fixed Deposit

§ Instant Salary Advance

§ Liquidity Buffer (OD Line)

§ Up to 7% per annum on credit balance

§ Payroll Management

§ Online banking

§ Mobile banking


§ Free SMS alert & email


§ Ease & Full Control of the Account My Money, My Terms


§ Instant issuance of Page Master Card


§ Free card issuance fee


§ Free annual maintenance fee


§ Personal Loan with up to (35% discount)